About FPAS

About FPAS

The Fire Protection Association Singapore (FPAS) is founded in 2022 as a registered society in Singapore by a group of pioneering and passionate veterans from the fire industry.

The association represents the collective interests and concerns of all stakeholders in the fire industry – including contractors and manufacturers – and serves as the authoritative source of reference for fire equipment, service standards and frameworks.

FPAS regularly conducts training workshops and courses for the advancement of our members, towards raising the expertise, capabilities and service standards of Singapore’s fire industry as a collective whole.

FPAS also hosts seminars featuring experienced and esteemed guest speakers, as well as networking events, to provide more opportunities for our members to connect and collaborate.

The association also serves as a national partner to various government agencies and relevant institutions on matters related to the fire industry.

As the voice of the local fire industry, FPAS also represents Singapore in communicating and interacting with counterpart associations from other countries and regions in order to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships and explore commercial opportunities.

The FPAS vision

The championing voice and definitive source for all matters related to the Singapore fire industry.

Our mission statement

To provide the most accurate information, comprehensive support, and relevant resources to grow the fire industry and its stakeholders.


Lead. Protect. Serve.

  • Lead the industry in self-regulation, governance, best standards and practices
  • Protect the interests of the industry, the public, and the nation
  • Serve the common good of the community

More information

FPAS is governed by its constitution and bylaws set up in accordance with the Registry of Societies (ROS) of Singapore.

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