Members Listing

Members Listing
Acclaim Systems Pte Ltd
Acclaim Systems, incorporated in 1992, is an ISO-accredited, one-stop solution provider for the fire protection sector, with an impressive portfolio of projects built up over the years.
Active Fire Protection Systems Pte Ltd
Establised in 2001, Active Fire is a leading, innovative total solutions provider for planning, designing and implementing turnkey fire protection systems that protect assets and save lives.
Alif-Engineering Pte Ltd
Alif Engineering Pte. Ltd. Supply was established in 2009 as an approved fire protection company in the supply and maintenance of fire protection equipment. Through these years, Alif Engineering endeavours to provide the most valuable price without compromising on service and quality to our clients.
Associated Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd
Associated Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1968 and is widely known for its quality fire protection equipment that has gained worldwide acceptance and recognition.
B Mech Engineering Pte Ltd
Since 2000, B Mech Engineering has built a reputation as a reliable and trusted provider of fire protection systems, backed by strong technical know-how, efficient management, skillfed craftsmen and innovative technological solutions.
BES Tech Solutions Pte Ltd
Established in 2010, BES Tech Solutions started out providing engineering support to OEM distributors. Today, their fire safety solutions have expanded to support End Users, EPC contractors, M&E contractors and fire contractors.
CAE Engineering Pte Ltd
Since its founding in 2008, CAE Engineering has gained a strong reputation in the fire market for its fire pumps, controllers and prefab MEP modules, supplying to over 800 local and oversea projects.
Commoditas Pte Ltd
Established in 1977, Commoditas Pte Ltd is accredited and specialises in the installation and maintenance of fire protection systems across a diversity of premises in Singapore. Our brand is built on domain expertise and an unwavering belief in the purpose of our work, setting the bar for an immaculate, end-to-end fire protection service.
COSEM provides consultancy, training, and emergency response solutions relating to Civil Defence systems, firefighting, hazardous materials control as well as urban search and rescue.
Deluge Special Hazard Fire Systems Pte Ltd
Deluge Special Hazard Fire Systems Pte Ltd was established in year 2010 to service the special hazards need of the fire protection industry; basing on the principle of providing our clients with quality products and services effectively and efficiently.
Design and Build Engineering Pte Ltd
Efficient Electrical Pte Ltd
Our business is electrical construction, new building wiring, and repair and maintenance. Apart from this CCTV wiring and installation for new buildings and old buildings. Apart from this Nurse Call Wiring and Installation Testing and Commissioning, Apart from this Fire Alarm System Wiring and Installation Assist CX Testing Commissioning for our Main Con.
Eunix Fire Protection Pte Ltd
A homegrown fire protection company, Eunix Fire specialises and distributes a wide range of clean gas fire suppression products, to provide a total fire protection solution to its customers.
Euroflo Pumps International Pte Ltd
Euroflo Pumps International Pte Ltd has over 30 years of experience in pump industries, having started in 1989. Euroflo strives to provide the highest standard of quality and the best practices in managing products and serving their customers.
Fire Asia Engineering Pte Ltd
Fire Asia Engineering Pte Ltd was Incorporated in Singapore 2017. We specialize in Fire Protection
System, such system includes Fire Alarm System, Sprinkler System, Hose reel System, Dry riser
system, Clean Agent System and Foam System in both the public and private sectors. Our company has been consistently recognized in the fire and life safety industry for maintaining excellence through rapid growth and development. Fire Asia Engineering's combination of experience and service enable us to reach our ultimate goal: Provide the highest quality fire protection services possible to protect lives and property.
Fire-Guard Engineering Pte Ltd
Fire-Guard Engineering Pte Ltd has been in this trade of protecting properties and prevention of loss of life for the past 40 years. We were established in 1982 and are registered with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for the installation of Fire Prevention & Protection Systems (ME 06) under the L5 ($13.0m) category.
The company provides a wide range of excellent services with competitive pricing, quality work and competent after-sales service. Evidently, the Company's competency can be seen from the various building projects it was commissioned to handle. This has earned itself reputable clients which include government agencies, main contractors, consultants, developers and also direct owners. Some of whom are also our repeated customers
Fire-Mech Engineering Pte Ltd
Fire Mechanical Engineering Pte Ltd (FME) was established in 1998 and aims to provide efficient and effective solutions with regards to fire protection services. From its humble beginnings, FME has since gained fame in the industry for its excellent services and quality of results with multiple participations in large-scaled projects in Singapore.
Hochiki Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Hochiki Corporation, established in Japan in 1918, is an independent, multi-national, publicly listed company with over 1700 employees across the globe. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial and industrial fire detection and emergency lighting solutions, Hochiki has acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high integrity and long-term reliability. Hochiki’s facilities in Japan, the United States of America, and Europe design and manufacture products and provide technical support suited to local standards and customer requirements. Total commitment to meeting the needs of individual national markets has reinforced the company’s global reputation, resulting in Hochiki products being installed in many prestigious sites and over 80 countries worldwide.
Hochiki established our Singapore Representative Office in 1995, built its distributors network, implemented market surveys, gathered technology information, developed and supported distributors, and cultivated markets in Asia. In 1997, the Singapore Representative Office transitioned to a Sales Branch Office that handled sales in Southeast Asian countries, with the addition of Australia and New Zealand. In 2000, the focus of this branch office shifted exclusively to the Southeast Asian region. In 2014, Hochiki made the Singapore Branch Office into a local subsidiary and established Hochiki Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Hochiki Asia Pacific is enhancing the efficiency and raising the speed of Group operations in Southeast Asia and proceeding with sales promotions in fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing system markets.
Honeywell Pte Ltd
Honeywell was founded in 1885 and has been innovating for over a hundred years in many different industries.
iFacilities Pte Ltd
iFacilities was incorporated in 2010, and ever since iFacilities had begun to serve their esteemed organization with their reliable knowledge and expertise of the fire protection system, with specialisation n installation, test, commission and maintenance of fire protection systems
J. Keart Alliances Pte Ltd
J.Keart Alliances is a leading provider of mechanical and engineering works for fire protection systems and fire safety-related services in Singapore.
Lingjack Engineering Works Pte Ltd
In 1971, we started from a conventional engineering firm and took us 30 years to evolve to a specialized firefighting equipment’s manufacturer. Today we are the leading manufacturer and provider of high quality fire safety products and solutions in Asia. We work everyday, with 30 years of our history, to find better solutions for our clients. We make innovation happen, we share our knowledge capital with our partners, we offer ongoing support to establish relations to build on reliable, trust and integrity. This is us : Lingjack Engineering Works Pte Ltd.
LPC Industrial Services Pte Ltd
LPC Industrial Services Pte Ltd is incorporated in 1999 with core competency in Firestop Barrier System. Fast forward 2022, LPC have evolved to provide complete suite of Passive Fire Protection and Water Leak Detection System. LPC is also proud to be Certified FM Approved Firestop Contractor & Singtel SafeContractor Accreditation (SCA).
McWyn Engineering Pte Ltd
Mechfire Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd
Mechfire Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1997, and provides specialized fire protection system and services. Today, the company has been firmly established as amongst a reputable contractor in the industry. Having successfully completed various installations in some of the most prestigious and impressive buildings, offshore and marine in Singapore and various countries.
Method Engineering Pte Ltd
Method Engineering Pte Ltd provides services such as installation of industrial machinery and equipment and mechanical engineering works.
Nam Leong Co Pte Ltd

NAM LEONG CO. PTE LTD was established in 1958, and began its journey as a supplier for the sanitary wares and bathroom accessories. The company has grown to be the region's leading supplier and stockist for carbon steel pipes and fittings, valves and structural steel in the building, marine, offshore and shipbuilding industries.
Pacific-KSH Co Pte Ltd
Patent Systems Pte Ltd
A leading Singapore manufacturer of fire alarm control panels and distributor of fire detection and alarm systems. Our goal is to deliver quality service and products to our customers.
Safi Equipment & Services Pte Ltd
SAFI, besides being a leading distributor of fire safety equipment, specialises in preparation of drawings to relevant government agencies and provision of registered inspectors for fire safety certification.
Seng Choon Engineering Pte Ltd
Seng Choon Engineering, established in 1951, specializes in piping system material fabrication, manufacturing and importing & exporting of products ranging from pipes and valves to special pipeline system, and control instrumentation. Seng Choon’s commitment to product innovation using new technology is key to serving the ever changing needs of the market.
SPP Pumps Singapore Limited
SPP Pumps (Singapore) is the regional headquarters of SPP Pumps UK, a world-leading company with more than 140 years of expertise in fluid management and engineered pumping solutions. Fire pumps are part of an applications water supply and are powered by electricity, diesel or steam. They activate when the pressure in the fire sprinkler systems falls beneath a certain level and provide water flow at a very high pressure to the sprinkler system, which is then disposed onto the fire. SPP Pumps is the world's leading specialist manufacturer of quality fire protection pump packages. Our unrivalled experience in design and manufacture together with advanced testing and accreditation ensures the utmost in fire pump reliability. The protection of life is not a matter for compromise. This is particularly true when regarding fire protection pumps and systems where they are only as strong as their 'weakest link' and compromise may result in a devastating loss of life or property.
Sprinkler Engineering Pte Ltd
Sprinkler Engineering is an established fire protection company with ISO 9001 certification, and has been at the forefront of fire protection engineering with over 37 years of industry experience.
The Viking Corporation (Far East) Pte Ltd
For almost 100 years the name Viking has represented global leadership in fire protection. We lead the industry in quality and innovation because fire protection is all we do, and our single focus is to support and enhance the efforts of customers. We believe that protecting people and property from fire transcends the bottom line, and we never stop asking "what do our customers need to be successful?" Today, The Viking Group provides customers with integrated solutions for any fire protection challenge.
Tong Loong Engineering Pte Ltd
Tong Loong Engineering, founded in 1988, has consistently provided high quality fire protection solutiosn for various building needs over the years and is regarded as a trusted name in the industry.
Unistream Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
Delivering pumping solutions since 1983, Unistream Engineering (S) Pte Ltd keeps the commitment flowing and continues to do what we excel in: Supply of UL/FM approved fire pumps, PSB and Setsco labelled fire pumps, foam pumps, fire pump controllers, pre-fab MEP and the affiliated equipment with complete after sales services.
Vanguard Fire Systems Pte Ltd
'Vanguard' is an ISO 9001:2000 accredited company for Design, Manufacture & Supply of Fire Alarm Control Panels, Systems and associated accessories, with more then 50 years of combined fire alarm industrial experience in design, distribution, marketing, manufacture and technical support.
With over 100 years of innovation, Victaulic is a world-class solution provider for the global construction industry, with over 4,000 workers in 55 international facilities helping customers across 120 countries.
VoAm Pte Ltd
VoAm is the distributor for EXXFIRE. An Integrated Fire Suppression System for small enclosures. It is an aspirating fire detection combined with non-pressurized nitrogen fire suppression. It is a PRESSURELESS NITROGEN GAS STORAGE TECHNOLOGY. Easy to install and low downtime. No Ozone Depletion, No Global Warming Potential and No corrosive Residues to clean up
VS Info Tech Pte Ltd

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