SPP Pumps Singapore Limited
SPP Pumps Singapore Limited

SPP Pumps Singapore Limited

SPP Pumps (Singapore) is the regional headquarters of SPP Pumps UK, a world-leading company with more than 140 years of expertise in fluid management and engineered pumping solutions.

Fire pumps are part of an applications water supply and are powered by electricity, diesel or steam. They activate when the pressure in the fire sprinkler systems falls beneath a certain level and provide water flow at a very high pressure to the sprinkler system, which is then disposed onto the fire.

SPP Pumps is the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of quality fire protection pump packages. Our unrivalled experience in design and manufacture together with advanced testing and accreditation ensures the utmost in fire pump reliability.

The protection of life is not a matter for compromise. This is particularly true when regarding fire protection pumps and systems where they are only as strong as their ‘weakest link’ and compromise may result in a devastating loss of life or property.


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