President’s Message

President’s Message

Fire safety is a key aspect of public and personal safety, as well as loss prevention and asset protection, in a developed society and it is no different in Singapore.

For decades the Singapore Government has continuously stepped up the fire safety regulations and guidelines for public spaces, commercial and industrial environments, as well as residential premises.

As stakeholders and active participants in the fire protection industry, my peers and I are always looking for ways to contribute more to the industry.
We constantly explore developing and providing better solutions to answer the call of Singapore’s ever-evolving fire safety needs, as we seek better representation for our fire sector in the built industry, to rise up and be on par with other trades.

I believe, the answer lies in FPAS.

With the establishment of Fire Protection Association Singapore, or FPAS, the fire industry will now have a platform to call its own, a conduit from which our collective voices will be heard, a self-regulatory body for ethics and conduct within our industry, as well as the authoritative source of reference for fire equipment, service standards and frameworks.

FPAS will also be a centre of excellence to help our peers in areas of capability development, training and upskilling for their workforce, so that we can achieve more growth as a collective group.

In alignment with Singapore’s Construction Industry Transformation roadmap, FPAS will aid local fire companies to develop and expand their capabilities and improve productivity through innovation in areas such as process streamlining, pre-fabrication methodologies such as DfMA and digitalisation, encompassing disciplines such as digital design, digital fabrication, digital construction and digital management life cycle.

We are also excited and eager for FPAS to represent Singapore in both regional and international arenas, liaise with our overseas counterparts and open up new frontiers for mutually beneficial collaboration and commercial opportunities.
Through such partnerships, FPAS hope to facilitate and help homegrown fire companies expand beyond our local shores and venture into markets abroad.
With the dedication and committed support of our executive committee team and members, I am confident of the immense value that FPAS will bring to the fire industry and to Singapore’s nation-building efforts.

With the official launch of FPAS, the EXCO and I welcome all stakeholders from the fire protection industry to be part of our membership and come on board this exciting journey with us, as we roll out exciting initiatives and developments together for the betterment of our industry.

In my term, I will work with my EXCO and fellow members to establish the foundations that will set the tone for future leadership to expand upon and champion greater representation for the fire industry, so that we can reach out and help more of our industry peers.

With the strong support and dedication of our stakeholders, we hope to bring the fire protection industry to new and greater heights, as we embark on our quest to set and cultivate a world-class standard in the fire industry here in Singapore.

Dominic Ang
Founding President
Fire Protection Association Singapore (FPAS)

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